Digital Room

An innovative solution focused on assessment, including verbal and nonverbal communication analysis. The Digital Room handles large volumes of interviews and to pre-select the best candidate profiles quickly and objectively. It leverages our assessment expertise along with ManpowerGroup's 60-years of experience with developing and upskilling people for in-demand roles.


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Candidate Experience Presentation

The candidate is guided through the assessment process by a virtual recruiter, an avatar, which asks questions that are set according to the position to be filled, as in a classic recruitment interview. A camera and a microphone capture in-real time his gestures, smiles, words and the tones of his voice. These data are stored and analyzed. Algorithms based on the analysis of the body language evaluate the physical presence, the confidence... The solution also transcribes the oral answers into text and identifies keywords related to the position. Once the interview is finished, the candidate answers a multiple-choice questionnaire, which completes the assessment. The candidate then receives a detailed interview report with practical advice, based on a joint analysis of video & audio recordings and answers to the personality quiz.


A new candidate experience and pre-employment tests which represent a powerful way to assess a candidate’s aptitudes, job compliance, and performance potential before they are hired. The Digital Room doesn’t replace humans but it is used as a first step to recruitment. It delivers custom assessments by blending the power of artificial intelligence with the knowledge of ManpowerGroup in terms of assessments. This is done in a single video interview that lasts about 10 to 15 minutes.

What does our solution do? 
- Short test, orientation/guidance, first filtering, macro assessment
- Providing additional information to recruiter vs résumé and keywords
- Exercise/practice/coaching

What does it not do?
- Complete assessment. It does not replace a human recruiter
- Automatic elimination of candidates

Two variants

e-bubble experience

The Digital Room experience can be delivered via a physical eBubble.

web browser experience


The assessment can also be managed via a web browser.

A customizable solution to meet specific client needs

- Avatar : male or female, age...
- Questions : generics, related to the job & skills, ability to read, to count, to speak a language, multichoice
- Keywords dictionary related to a profession


Artificial Intelligence algorithms to assist assessment, based on:  

- Video captation: emotion detection, sentiment analysis
- M
icrophone/audio recording: speech analysis, understand intent
- Language registration: understand if it has positive/negative sentiment, extract key phrases, identify the topic

What can our solution measure?

- Behavior of the candidate during the interview
- Any personal characteristics: leadership, autonomy, decision making, openness to change, organization, respect for rules and hierarchy, self-control, ...
- Capability to read, to count, to speak a chosen language, ...
- Commitment at the end of the interview

Successful prototype

A first prototype of the solution was presented at Viva Technology show in June 2017 in Paris, then during Microsoft Experiences in early October 2017. Building on these two successful experiences, and its innovative character, the e-Bubble is presented at "Davos World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018".

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